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Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
About the miracles of God in our lives in the second Lebanese war.
Germany Missionaries in Germany.
About the missionaries that went to Germany to help to open rehab center there.
Football Football.
Report about 22 guys from rehab center and church's youth, that were all running after one ball.
Weekend in the Palestine.
Report about interesting places on the other side of the security fence.
The remembrances of the war.
Report about our life and service during the second Lebanese war.
Top secret.
History of our ministry.


News of 2010

26 December

Congregation Living Israel has celebrated its' 15th anniversary! Our celebration included
a common meeting of all the churches and rehab houses of Living Israel.

24 December

Football game between Monastar and Krayot bulls teams.

9 November

The born of Dariy in the family of Alexander and Galina.

3 November

Wedding of Yuriy and Yulia.

21 October

Wedding of Juliy and Elena.

5 October

Living Israel newsletter. October 2010.

3 October

Wedding of Alexander and Inga.

15 September

Beginning of Living Israel rehabilitation house and church in Afula.

1 September

Firstborn in the family of Michael and Anna.

30 August

Blessing of a new born child in the family of Eduard and Evgenia.

31 July

Engagement of Denis and Maria.

Blessing of a new born girl in the family of Maxim and Julia.

Blessing of missionaries which is going to serve God in Germany and Kazakhstan.

25 July

Golden wedding anniversary of Anatoly and Stella.

12 June

Wedding of Arkady and Tatiana.

11 June

The ordination of deacons in Tel Aviv and Krayot.

6 June

Eight people from various churches associated with our congregation were invited
to conference in Armenia.

2 May

Graduates of our 4th School for discipleship.

29 April

Wedding of Michael and Natalia.

26 April

Blessing of new born son of Benjamin and Nina.

20 April

Our outing to Banias.

15 April

New born baby in the family of Alexey and Olga.

8 April

The Story of Passover… how the children of Israel got into and out of Egypt…

2 March

Our guys in Turkey.

1 March

Purim celebrations at Living Israel.

24 February

Wedding of Michael and Olga.

9 February

New born babies in church in Katzrin.

2 February

The beginning of Living Israel Church in Haifa.

1 February

The Celebration of the 14th Anniversary of our congregation.

20 January

Graduates of our 3rd School for Discipleship.

News of 2009

20 December

On the 17th of December, it was a wedding of Samuel and Maya at our rehab center
monastery chapel.

25 October

Last Thursday, on the 22th of October, there were 2 weddings at our congregation.
Leonid and Elena, Ruslan and Alona, were joined in holy matrimony. Congratulations to both of the young couples.

15 October

Sergey Semida shared his testimony about the opening of new rehabilitation center in Ukraine.

Blessing of new missionaries that go to Germany to open a rehab center.

3 October

On the 24th of September Michael and Anna got married. Both of them passed the rehabilitation in our rehab centre and now serve in our church in Tel Aviv.

10 September

Elias Shakur, Archbishop of Catholic Melkite Church visited our church in Haifa. Here you can listen to his message.

30 July

Beginning of Living Israel church in New York.

1 July

New born son in pastor's Gleb family.

1 May

Video report: Common meeting of Living Israel churches. Northern region.

23 March

Video report: Common meeting of our churches from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

8 March

News from the church meeting: Purim, Sergey's Missionary journey.

7 March

New born Gabriel in church in Tel Aviv.

1 March

The wedding of Vladimir and Larisa from the rehab center.

28 February

A new born baby in the family of Nikolay and Elena from church in Tel Aviv.

18 January

Video report: Celebration of 13th anniversary of "Living Israel" congregation.