Our outing to Banias

Last Saturday, April 17, our churches from Haifa and Krayot went on a trip to the ancient city of Banias, also known as Caesarea Philippi.


While we settled down in the grove, our youngsters played a short volleyball game.

Volleyball game

Our brothers, who arrived before us, prepared the food for all of us.

Food preparing

There were several qualified volunteers to do the barbequing.


Early on we had a service which included several inspiring testimonies. We wish congratulations to those who celebrated their birthdays and shared in Communion.


We offered our many praises to The Lord.


After the service we had an opportunity to eat together and regain our strength before the excursion.

Eating together

After eating and a short rest we embarked upon our travel, to the mountains.

Ancient Banias


Eduard, along with his team, made our excursion very interesting.


Our congregation

Our journey followed the banks of the river Banias, which begins at Mount Hermon.


We were fortunate to be able to see several waterfalls and a number of Archeological excavations.


Banias river

At our destination we got to see two huge waterfalls and had sufficient time to rest in the cool waters at the end of a long journey.


After an enjoyable time there, we then got ourselves and our things together and made our return journey home. Each of us enjoyed sharing our impressions with each other on the trip back.