Football: Monastery vs Krayot

Yesterday there was another friendly football match between…

… Monastery…

… and Krayot.

Before the match both teams spent some time warming up and discussing the game tactics.

In the meantime their fans were taking places on tribunes according to the purchased tickets.

The match from the beginning and up to the end has passed at a dynamic pace and in equal skills struggle.

Forwards were forward.

Defenders were defending.

Goalkeepers were keeping the goals repulsing the opponent’s attacks.

They did a great job, catching the ball.

— What do you expect from me? They have such a goalkeeper…

The goalkeepers were kicking out the ball as well as flying opponent players.

Sometimes they defended the gates using very interesting tricks, which helped — strange as it may seem.

Judges were judging fairly.

In the most intense moments of the game one judge used to run out on the edge of the field and dance a pas from “The Swan Lake”.

Both teams rejoiced over the goals they scored…

… and sympathized with injured players.

The fans supported their teams in every possible way. Krayot fans were in the majority, therefore it is clear, which team received more support. Haifa fans, make a note of it!

The Monastery team opened the score and in a while was leading with the score 3:0. Everyone started to expect the same result as in the last game, but then the Krajot guys scored their first goal through the penalty and reversed the game course.

In the most intense moments of the game it was difficult to discern what was going on under the dust clouds.

The excellent play of the Monastery guys is well worthy of mentioning. Both times they played without substitution, because they had no reserve players.

At the same time some Krayot substitution players haven’t even appeared at the playing field and were only warming up on a bench.

By the end of the game the score was equal, but at the last moments of the second time the Monastery guys scored one more goal into the opponent’s gates and seized the victory with the score 5:4.

Despite the intensity of the game, the match has passed in a friendly atmosphere, and everybody enjoyed the time spent together.