Random five

Greetings from Lapland

Wedding of Sergey and Tatiana

Birth of second child in the family of Lera and Stepan

Visiting brother Victor

Wedding of Ygal and Milana

Football: Monastery vs Krayot

Family service in Haifa downtown

A wonderful girl Edeline came into the world

Birth of the second baby in the family of Gennady and Natalya

Rosh Hashanah in Haifa downtown church

The firstborn son in the family of Sasha and Christina

Wedding of Victor and Ludmila

Blessing of the newly-borns in Tel Aviv

Exams in the School for Discipleship

Wedding of Veniamin and Olga

Zart and Nina’s wedding in Russia

Church life in Haifa downtown

Ordination of ministers

Wedding of Igor and Anna in Ukraine

July journey from Haifa to Jerusalem

Church tour on the Sea of Galilee

American ministers in Haifa downtown church

Youth worship night in Afula

Graduates of our 7th School for Discipleship

Slava and Irina’s wedding

Two engagements in one day

The first youth conference in Living Israel

Birth of the sixth baby in the family of Igor and Galina

Engagement of Slava and Irina

Happy Passover

Maalot church on a visit to Naharia

Birth of a daughter in the family of Andrey and Irina

Wedding of Alexander and Elena

Living Israel in Germany

Living Israel rehabilitation ministry in Scranton, USA

Purim in Living Israel

8th of March in Haifa and Tel Aviv

The birth of a daughter in the family of Gleb and Marina

Living Israel youth on Hermon mountain

Woman’s meeting in Beer Sheva

Birth of a new Living Israel church in Haifa

The fifth baby’s birth in the family of Marat and Lisa

Christmas service in our church in Tel Aviv

New church in Kiryat Ata

Wedding of Denis and Maria

Graduates of our 5th School for discipleship

Football game of Living Israel

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