Random five

Samburski family are now 5

The concert of the Korean women’s choir.

Youth Football Championship of Living Israel

The Birth of Lika in Sergey and Nadya’s Family

Soccer: Monastery – Krayot

Birth of Michal in Alexander and Svetlana’s Family

A Service at the Monfort Lake

Football: Monastery vs Krayot

Newborn daughter in the family of Alexey and Rosa

Christmas service in the church in Krayot

Football: Monastery vs Krayot

A wonderful girl Edeline came into the world

Ordination of ministers

Church tour on the Sea of Galilee

Purim in Living Israel

The birth of a daughter in the family of Gleb and Marina

Football game of Living Israel

Football. Monastery — Krayot.

Wedding of Yuriy and Yulia

Living Israel newsletter. October 2010

Blessing of a new born child

Golden wedding anniversary of Anatoly and Stella

The ordination of deacons

Our outing to Banias

New born baby in the family of Alexey and Olga

Purim celebrations at Living Israel

The Celebration of the 14th Anniversary of our congregation

2 Weddings on the same day…Wow!

New born son in pastor’s Gleb family

Engagement of Michael & Anna and Gennady & Natalia


Report about 22 guys from rehab center and church’s youth, that were all running after one ball.

Top secret

Report about the history of our ministry.

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