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Wedding in Berlin: Artyom and Olga

Wedding of Irina and Najil

Julia’s and Artem’s Wedding

Wedding of Andre and Maria

Vlad and Diana’s wedding

Vova and Dasha’s wedding

Denis and Olga’s Wedding

David and Sveta’s Wedding

Ruslan and Olga’s Wedding

Andrey and Maria’s Wedding

Garik and Lena’s wedding

Wedding of Nikolay and Yana

Wedding of Gleb and Nastya

Last news from America

Celebration of Sergey and Tatyana’s wedding in Beer Sheva

Wedding of Sergey and Tatiana

Wedding of Ygal and Milana

Family service in Haifa downtown

Wedding of Victor and Ludmila

Wedding of Veniamin and Olga

Zart and Nina’s wedding in Russia

Wedding of Igor and Anna in Ukraine

Slava and Irina’s wedding

Wedding of Alexander and Elena

Wedding of Denis and Maria

Wedding of Yuriy and Yulia

Wedding of Juliy and Elena

Living Israel newsletter. October 2010

Wedding of Alexander and Inga

Golden wedding anniversary of Anatoly and Stella

Wedding of Arkady and Tatiana

Wedding of Michael and Natalia

Wedding of Michael and Olga

Wedding of Samuel and Maya

2 Weddings on the same day…Wow!

Wedding of Michael and Anna

The wedding of Vladimir and Larisa

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