Random five

Rehabilitation ministry: 10 year anniversary!

Merry Christmas, Living Israel!

Snowy Israel

Visit house in Kiryat Bialik, Israel

Rosh Hashanah in different corners of Living Israel.

Samburski family are now 5

Spring picnic on Carmel mountain

Youth Football Championship of Living Israel

The Youth Picnic. Haifa + Krayot

Soccer: Monastery – Krayot

Youth New Year Picnic in a Yacht Club

Conquering the peaks of the Carmel mountain

The Birth of a First Child in Oleg and Luda’s family

Football: Monastery vs Krayot

Purim in Living Israel 2012

Rehabilitation house in Riga

Greetings from Lapland (part 2)

Greetings from Lapland

Youth worship night in Afula

The first youth conference in Living Israel

Living Israel youth on Hermon mountain

The remembrances of the war

Report about our life and service during the second Lebanese war.

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